Friday, May 30, 2008

WANTED MOVIE: Ready to take its best shot on June 27th.

One shot at box office success.

If you look at the summer movie schedule it seems that the Wanted movie finds itself in an interesting spot; it will be aiming to take top spot on its weekend (June 27th) against only one real contender: Disney's Wall-E. The prior week's releases, Get smart and Love Guru probably won't have much carry over power after their opening weekend, and the Incredible Hulk movie and The Happening will both be two weeks old by that time and not much of a threat. I won't be half surprised if a Disney cartoon takes the top spot.

The important thing to consider however, is that a Hollywood movie needs to start making its money back in the first week of release to help foster a positive image of the movie in the minds of its potential future audience. (think of Speed Racer and how its poor opening week performance stunted the movie going audiences' enthusiasm for the film) Wanted has a chance to make some serious coin its opening week because its target audience won't be lining up for Disney, but it will be left in the dust the next week, when Will Smith's newest feature, the Hancock movie, rolls into movie theaters July 4th, Hellboy II the week after and Batman II the week after that.

So it will be quite interesting to see how Angelina Jolie's latest flick fares on its opening week.

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