Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Captain America movie is now WANTED by me (at least a little bit)...

Well the DVD for this past summer's Wanted movie recently went on sale and I think it might do pretty well just from word of mouth on the film over the past Summer - it was one of those decent escapist flicks that wasn't Batman, lol.

Something else that caught my attention recently was the news that Marvel had finally confirmed the release dates for their upcoming self produced movie projects. One of these that really got my attention was the new Captain America movie. The reason for this is last Summer's Incredible Hulk movie from Marvel; this movie had some really neat fighting sequences between the Hulk and a soldier who had been injected with the Super Soldier serum - a serum that is supposedly the same thing given to Steve Rogers during the Second World War to transform him into Captain America, with enhanced speed, reflexes and skill sets. In the Hulk movie, Tim Roth's character had a running gun battle with the Hulk complete with very over the top flips and jumps, and aspects of how it was filmed reminded me of both the Matrix movie as well as this Summer's Wanted movie. I am now left wondering if the subsequent Captian America movie from Marvel - scheduled for a May 2011 release date - will build upon this or go off in a completely different direction visually. I really liked the aesthetics of the super soldier fight scenes in the Hulk and would hope that Johnston does not discard this visual precedent for the Captain America characters abilities. After all, the movies will both be included in the same continuity according to Marvel - they even had Tony Stark/Iron Man show up at the end of the last Hulk movie to help reinforce this point. You dont get Robert Downey Jr. to reprise his role if there is no desire to tie it all together, right?

Yep, the brief hint at how Captain America would function or fight has already curious about the upcoming Captain America movie from Marvel - and maybe a bit curious about the upcoming Avengers movie as well.