Thursday, May 22, 2008

WANTED MOVIE: Not that Wanted.

With the imminent release of the new Wanted movie, I felt I needed to make an observation on this project. I'm sure I am not the only one to feel this way but even so I have not heard much said about this yet, so here I go.

This movie is called "wanted", but it is not really that story/comicbook.

The basic plot of Mark Millar's original mini-series was that of a hypochondriac nobody stuck in a dead end office job who finds out that he is actually the son a of a super assassin and heir to a position of power in the super villain community, a community that has been secretly ruling the world since the mid eighties after defeating the world super heroes and erasing the population's memory of them through magic.

This new movie, however, only goes as far as to have the nobody protagonist (played by James McAvoy) find out that he is the son of a world class assassin and heir to his position in a group. Other than having a female antagonist in the movie (Angelina Jolie) similar to the one in the comicbook and having a mentor figure for the 'hero' ( this mentor played by Morgan Freeman)
, the rest of the movie's plot (from what I have heard of it so far) doesn't sound like it is following Mark Millar's original comic storyline. the movie has McAvoy's character training to hone his skills as an assassin, but he is doing so to follow the execution orders of a mysterious mystical order that has been around since at least the Middle Ages and has been weaving tapestries that help them determine the lifelines of everybody and anybody of any importance on the planet.


Okay, this sounds like an interesting concept for a movie, but it isn't the movie that a Wanted movie should be. And that is how I feel on the subject. Oh that and the fact that by getting Jolie in the movie with no counter-balancing famous lead and marketing the film around her so far, the film is looking to be just another Angelina Jolie project which is more about her than the actual story that is being told.

It would be nice if I was wrong, but...

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